Outside the Resort

Ouside the resort1

Three quick snaps from our first venture outside of the Phi Phi resort area.

Outside the resort2


Nothing like the big cities, but bikes still played a massive role in the local communities.



Outside the resort3


A very cool, but massively out or proportion map.


The Resort – Phi Phi

the resort 6

Landing at the resort, the view was stunning. Clear aqua ocean, white sand, palm trees. We were warmly greeted, and as with all the other places we stayed, welcomed with a cool sweet beverage. Being at the flash end of the holiday, we took on an upgrading offer and temporarily made the beach front bungalow our home for the next four nights.

The Resort 1

The resort 2

The resort 3

the resort 4

the resort 5

More tomorrow!

Choose, Sit, Relax

I stayed at a resort for the base of my holiday to Fiji – ‘Fiji Beach Resort & Spa, Managed by Hilton’ to be more precise. It was a nice place – great service, rooms, food etc. – not something I am very used to really (pitching a tent is more what I am used to).

Getting up one morning early (it appears only the staff aside from me did this) I made my way to the breakfast restaurant and caught this image. I was drawn to the orderly nature of the chairs & it got me thinking how organised the whole relaxation ‘thing’ is. Here we have rows of deckchairs overlooking a beautiful beach with a couple of great clean salt free pools. People travel thousands of miles to get in early with their towel to book a chair they can then lay in the sun on for the rest of the day.  Most people read books, but with the advent of mobile technology I cant help but think that many were still keeping tabs with work and not really relaxing (one reason I chose to go technology free aside from my camera).

Personally I get more relaxation going for a walk, which I did a lot of, checking out and discovering new sights and sites. But throughout the week, when returning for a swim I got to recognise the same individuals in their favourite chairs getting browner and browner – or redder and redder. I’m certainly not knocking it, its just a bit foreign to me!

Back to the image, I did a little post processing in Gimp. I first gave the image a light lomo effect filter with some vignette, followed by a cross-processing filter with a blue tint.. I then cropped the aspect a little, removing some dead space in behind the first chair in the image. Struggling to find the title I wanted, I finally settled on ‘Choose, Sit, Relax’

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