Clouds in the Sky

Off out for dinner tonight, so slotting a quick post in. Although perhaps not for all, but a refreshing view from my work window today – clouds! – ones that suggest the possibility of rain! As I have mentioned prior, a lot of New Zealand is in a drought. Great for the wine makers and […]

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Hong Kong Market

  Momentarily when I arrived home, I was happy to see the internet had been fixed…then I sat down and it stopped again. Perhaps its some radio wave I emit when I enter the house!? Its working right now at least, so I will get on with todays post. Shot back something like a decade […]

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Wet Path Home

What started out as a clear sunny day, turned into a heavily wet day by works end today. I had planned to have a stroll around some of the light industry areas, but was not prepared for the thick downpours the sky offered. Driving home I wanted to capture the weather a little. Using my […]

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Changeable Weather

We really had a day of changeable weather today in Auckland. One moment I was in warm sun, the next heavy rain. Looking out of my office window, out into the mix of suburbia and small industry, I shot today’s image on my Ricoh GRD IV. In post processing I resized, selected the clouds, pushed […]

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Guns of North Head

A rainy old Sunday here in Auckland today. Still, I wanted to get out and about for a walk and brought my Nex 5n along as it frequently gets left at home for the pocket friendly GRD. In addition to this I brought along my Ricoh 35mm camera, for which I have a few B&W […]

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