View of the Sea

Ocean ViewSunday been, a mate and I headed over to Piha on Auckland’s West Coast for some early morning shooting. The night before had seen a particularly heavy thunder storm, but welcomed the morning with a clear sky.

Oddly, the tide always seems to be more out than in when I head with camera to Piha. This day was no different.

Walking down the south side of the beach, I caught todays image of my mate looking out to the surf, towards the Tasman Sea.

On a very different topic, this week I have been participating in ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge.  A worldwide awareness program, Live Below the Line challenges individuals to live off $2.25 NZD (~$1.50USD/1Pound)per day for all their meals. I cant accept food donations, or use food from the garden without offsetting the cost. Its proving to be challenging and eye opening. Breakfast porridge is fine, but by evening my energy levels have been better! About  1.2 Billion people live on this amount every day, covering not only their food, but any other bits and pieces needing money.

I’d welcome any support, but equally, encourage others to get involved!


Swift in the West

Piha Swift

A quick archive shot for today. Work took me out of the office and down to Hamilton for my 12 hour day. Unfortunately, between doing what I was down there to do, and driving, I didn’t get the opportunity to take any shots. Hamilton has an excellent garden park, and I’m told a great Zoo, so I will need to head down for them again at some stage.

Todays image, shot back in summer when I took a trip to Piha on the West Coast. I recall the clouds still being low in the sky as I looked back to the car park, and up into the ranges.

Shot on the Sony Nex, converted to B&W in Gimp.


Kitekite Falls

KitaKita Falls

My last posting from the Piha area, for now. Krishna asked yesterday if I had any shots of the Kitekite Falls. With the beautiful green and dense growth on the surrounding track to the falls, it was hard to get a clear view. I did find a slight clearing however and took today’s shot. Aside from this walk I had taken my filter set with me all morning – it would have been ideal here also to assist with the blown out grey sky.

As can be seen in the image, the falls in full are made up of a number of units. The final being about 40m, the other 40m is built from several smaller falls, gathering into pools.

In post processing I adjusted the levels a little and lightly tinted the blown out sky. There was nothing there to rescue, so its all I could do with limited time.

I think the final image really highlights well the lush green environment of New Zealand bush.  A great place to visit when in the area!

The Lion of the West Coast

Lion Rock West Coast

Taken from the lookout point at the south of Piha, today’s image is a great profile of Lion Rock. If you look carefully (or imaginatively) you can see the lions eye and nose on the left, his Mane and lower back. Climbing up, one come from the right hand side of this image (clearly we don’t start in the  ocean) and take the gradual carved staircase up.After the first 1/3rd, you can see where the most recent slip from a number of years ago occurred.As you hit the lions ‘mane’, approx 2/3rds, that’s where the track now finishes. It used to come along the side a little more before going inwards again (back when you could climb to the summit).

Although a very overcast day, looking in the background, one can see the sea spray drifting overland towards the dense bush areas. I think the tide was more out than in at this time of the day when the photo was shot.

Once a place of camping and a few holiday homes, Piha is now a growing in population area. In 1951 it had 73 residents. in the 2006 census that figure had grown to 822. 6 years on, I expect it will have easily cracked the 1000. Many of the houses are fairly flash now days, and a great option for the work from home types who love to be by the sea and surf. There are still multiple camping grounds in the area (although very limited shops), and its well worth a stay if you are in Auckland for a period!

Piha also had its own TV show – Piha Rescue. Essentially a real life lifesaver show filmed around the typical summer periods of Piha.

Shot on the Sony Nex 5N and post-processed in Gimp. I adjusted the levels a fair amount – this helped a lot with the hazy, slightly over exposed original. Cropped the aspect a little and added wording.

That will do for facts for today. I’ll let the image say the rest! Have a good Friday!

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