Plans to follow Hibernation

My beautiful picture

Cutting firewood in my workshop, I glanced over at my poor bike. Sitting neglected, it dawned on me it must have been a season since I took it out on the road. I have a mate coming over from Australia in a week or so, so all going to plan I will get it out then.

Linked to this got me thinking about exercise and fitness. Between having several colds and now being mid winter, I must admit to practicing my bear like hibernation regime of doing very little fitness wise.

With tickets already purchased for this years Auckland Marathon, I know its only time till I need to push myself into gear…but for today, a film shot from the archives, and back to the warm fireplace!

Shot on the Pentax MG and scanned to digital.


Down in the Crowd

My beautiful picture

Similar to my image taken a few weeks ago, Down in the Crowd is one of the images shot on Ilford Pan 100 using the Pentax MG SLR. Slightly tweaked in Photoshop CS4, I lightly colorised and resized – all adter developing and scanning.

Waitangi Day here in New Zealand tomorrow. If the weather holds, we might head out for a bike somewhere hopefully!

Farewell Holidays

Leaving Auckland by Boat

Holidays seem to pass so quickly. As I write I am in the final few hours of my break, and coming to terms with being back at work in the morning. I enjoy my work, but I am yet to be convinced by others who say they would be too bored if they didn’t have work to go to…I think I always have more than enough to do. Perhaps if I win the lottery one day we can put it to the test!

For the morning I decided to catch the ferry to the city, have a stroll around and see what images there were to see and capture. Making an effort to go on the more untrodden streets and tracks, armed with my Ricoh GRD IV, I captured a few images, but didn’tRi feel overly inspired today and just enjoyed the stroll.

Going with the final week flow, ‘Farewell Holidays’ was again captured on the Galaxy S2 in Vignette, Polaroid setting, and edited in Photoshop CS5.

Tomorrow I will take us back several days, and start with sharing a few of my West Coast images shot on the Sony. And if I get around to it, anything good I shot on the Pentax MG also.

Catch you tomorrow…after work.

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