More Grass

Another day of recovery, another photo from the files. There is something quite relaxing about an image in the grass of a limited depth of field. I think it creates a feeling of ease, care free’ness and one can imagine the soft wind blowing it, with the sound of stalks rubbing against each other in […]

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Mondays End

Mondays are usually a busy day for me. Its back to work, and then training with the fire service in the evening. Today was particularly busy with me setting up for some employer awards. End result of all of this being no time for taking some images (although I did get a few shot at […]

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Above the Grass

Down here in Auckland New Zealand we are still experiencing the changeable nature of spring. One minute it is sunny, the next rain. Temperature wise its mildish. NZ Band Crowded House once sung the song ‘four seasons in one day’. It really can apply here!  Its all a signal that summer is on the way […]

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The Field of Onion Weed

A quick stroll on the way home across the ‘river’ (not sure if it is natural or not) by the Lake House Art Centre I went to a while ago took me along a field near the motorway, and covered in onion weed. I had tried to get there on my last visit, but it […]

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Boat in the Bay

I woke up early this morning. After the noisy people at the bar below our venue last night, the cleaners proved to be just as loud come sunrise. As we were checking out mid morning I wanted to explore a bit more of Gulf Harbour anyway. I wandered my way through the side streets as […]

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