The Trail part-2

Another image from my weekend walk. Using CS5 I converted to B&W and adjusted the various colour channels to both highlight the path and give the trees and grass a more menacing feeling (it is Halloween after all). Shot on the Sony Nex 5n with 16-50 pancake zoom.  

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Brooklands Park

As shot from the camera, I loved the saturated colour I got during my visit to Brooklands Park in New Plymouth. The sun was hot and the grass dry in many places. Brooklands itself is a suburb in New Plymouth. With a large area covered in the forested park (and a zoo), the area is […]

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Burried City

I’m fascinated by archaeology. All around the world you hear of digs where ancient ruins, cities and tombs lay. Whether it be forgotten, reclaimed by nature, or purposefully encased and locked away. If I hadn’t studied anthropology and sociology, I think I would have studies archaeology. Today’s image is actually just a piece of art […]

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