Without Focus

without focus 1On occasion I like to take out of focus images. I think what I like is the ‘focus’ on shape and colour as opposed to detail. Todays two images were shot in Hamilton aside the Waikato River.

without focus 2


Over the Tracks

Over the Tracks

Sometimes its the imperfect images that appeal. Again from my visit to Motat, I snapped ‘Over the Tracks’ whilst waiting from the tram to take us to Motat II. More often than not I will delete out of focus images, but today’s had a bit of a interesting feeling to it. I’m not sure if its the lack of focus that draws one in more, trying to work out the situation, or simply the placement of the people.  Perhaps its one of those shots that the shooter likes, but does not appeal to the wider group?

Post processing wise I did a little cropping and added a cross-processed filter with a clay brown tone. I rounded off the image and resized for the net.

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