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Before a busy day in the garden, I managed to get a walk in early morning today. One of the great things about out new home is that its about 5 minutes away from a great coastal bush walk.

I brought out the old Olympus E500 four thirds DSLR. Although getting a little long in the tooth, it has pleasing colours, and still handels well compared to my newer units.

Looking out across the water to the next peninsula I captured the calm, golden morning.

Waiting for the Storm

Waiting for the Storm


A short stroll after work at the Beach Haven waterfront. Light rain precedes what is forecast to be a potentially heavy storm and possible isolated tornadoes tonight.

Shooting again using the B&W High Contrast mode on the Ricoh GRD IV and post editing in Gimp – cropping aspect and adding a slight colour tone tint.


New Plymouth Waterfront

Waterfront SouthMy last image from the New Plymouth holiday. Down on the waterfront looking towards the old power station.

Anyone visiting New Plymouth really should spend some time on the waterfront area. They have a great walkway that stretches for several Km. The Wand, and various walking tracks that begin down by the sea.

Not much else to add today. Photos back up in Auckland tomorrow!


Sails on the Harbour

sailingAn old archive shot for today. Not quite sure where the day has gone, but gone it has.

Shot on one of my old cameras, the Canon G12, from North Head, looking into the city. I dont recall if it was any specific regatta day, but I liked how the low sun desaturates all but the sails of the boats.

Resized in Gimp, but otherwise as is from camera.

Sort and sweet again today – we are STILL having internet issues. Its a shame – I have been completely happy with our provider until 3 weeks ago… not so much now based on very slow and non communicative service.

Looking to the West

View to the West

For the last few days I have been shooting with my Ricoh GRD IV set to a custom setting ‘positive film’. I have written before about the great menu system on this little fixed focal length compact, with full manual controls.Positive film is a setting I have not, until this last week, used. I must say I like the colour settings it provides. Of course, one can just shoot straight raw/jpeg and adjust in post processing, but sometimes its fun just to customise it in the camera (as the Ricoh does very well) and shoot. Hence aside from resizing and signature, today’s image is from camera.

With an overall busy weekend, I got up early and took the opportunity to take a walk around the Bayswater area on the North Shore. Stopping at a cliff top, looking out west, we can see the Bayswater Marina, and then further in the distance, to the right, the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

As the sun slowly sinks towards the horizon, we see the end of another weekend. Im not quite sure where the weekend has gone!

Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Feb 14th – Valentines Day! (some interesting facts there)

Today’s image, shot alongside yesterdays during the rain passing through. I loved how the environment had a mix of contrasts with the sun shining in areas, and the dark clouds in others. Not a lot more to say about it really. Shot on the Nex with 16-50mm lens. Small adjustments, but essentially out of camera.


Rain Away

Rain Away

After what feels like a few more weeks of amazing weather, works end welcomed the rain. I parked the car and strolled down to the beach, just missing the main rain cloud as it passed Rangitoto. The beach, flooded with rain, showed no sign of footsteps or human contact that no doubt crazed it earlier in the day. No sooner had I rolled off a few shots, and the next cloud of rain arrived, hastening me back to the car.

Shot on the Sony Nex, it was my first outing using the new 16-50mm power zoom lens Sony has released. Initially faulted on the 5N (due to firmware not being up to date enough for it), the latest firmware should fix most of its issues. I must say, it makes the Sony a nice small unit with a 35mm equivalent of  24-75mm zoom.

Image wise, in Gimp as usual, I resized, cropped adjusted contrast and sharpness a little.

Catch you tomorrow!

Forgotten Jetty


I am a bit sick today, so excuse the limited text. Forgotten Jetty, shot last week on the Olympus E-500. Converted to B&W in Gimp with vignette added as well as pushing the contrast a bit.

Dark by the Sea

By the Sea

Some heavy digital pushing of today’s image ‘Dark by the Sea’. Mucking around in Gimp, I was pushing the sky to get some dynamics, and then the foreground to get the cliff sides. I think the result, although requiring more editing effort on my part where the foreground and background collide, gives quite a dynamic surreal feeling to it.

With the weekend here (at last!) I am hoping I will get some time to develop my film – and start a new one. I also took delivery of a budget 2.2x telephoto lens to try on the Nex. I wanted to see how acceptable a result it would give me on my 210mm leans, as well as the possibilities it may offer when I am travelling light with the standard kit lens.

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