Road on the Hill


A shot from the Summit of North Head in Devonport, taken yesterday during a bike road. Shot on the Galaxy s2 using the pro hdr app and edited in post with afterfocus.

Still having internet issues at home, which is very annoying. Im quite surprised and unimpressed its taking so long to rectify…maybe tomorrow!?!?…

Welcoming the New Year

Welcome 2013

After limited sleep following the midnight welcoming of 2013, today welcomed a hot sunny and beautiful day to Auckland. With many of the shops closed for the public holiday (sadly not all for the retail and essentials workers) masses went to the beaches for a near perfect midday high tide.

Being New Zealand’s largest city, the Christmas/New Year period is always a little interesting in Auckland. People often leave town to go on their summer vacation. As a result the roads are generally a little quieter, and for those of us who stay (in reality the vast majority I’m sure), as long as you are not shopping in things like the boxing day rush, it feels like the city has itself taken a break.

I mentioned resolutions  in yesterdays posting. No doubt around the world many people are waking up today with new goals and intentions. I cant say I made any specific ones at this stage. I have been suffering from a bad back of recent, so I think one goal will be to sort that out more!

Photo wise, todays image was shot at North Head on the North Shore, looking towards Bastion Point. Both North Head and Bastion point historically have been used by locals since Auckland (or pre-Auckland) was populated. In early pre-european times, local Maori had Pa (fortified villages) on these sites. Later they were used for WWII operations. In the late 1970’s Bastion Point was part of a land protest (it had been taken from Maori from the crown earlier) and eventually in the 1980’s given back to the local Iwi (local group/tribe). North Head is now looked after by the Department of Conservation, and open for all to explore the old WW tunnels and various tracks and pathways.

The only post processing for today’s image was putting on the rounded corners after resizing. Image was shot on the Ricoh GRD IV.

I have also been trying to finish off a few films. One in my Ricoh GR1, and the other in my newly acquired Pentax MG. I must say, the Pentax is a really nice SLR to use. Very light and compact and fits into the hand well. It does loose manual shutter control (although one can adjust ev compensation and film speed to work with this), but all else is manual. When I have finished either I will develop and hopefully have some interesting shots to share.

The Beach

The Beach

Another beautiful day weather wise in Auckland – bordering on hot. Todays shot is taken from North Head on the North Shore, looking north up Cheltnham beach towards Takapuna. A good number of people were out in the water, possibly experiencing the first swim of summer. We passed groups and couples relaxing on the hill in the sun and watched the various boat races out in the harbour.

Today’s image was shot on the Sony with my Juipter-8 Lens. It had been a while since I had dug out the manual lens on the Sony, and today’s walk proved a good outing to do so on. Although a little softer as it gets to the corner, it gives a nice feeling to the images.

Editing in Gimp, I did bump up the contrast a notch before resizing and adding rounded corners.

That’s the end of Sunday, on rolls another week!

The Approaching Storm – Pudding Camera


I tried out another photo app called Pudding Camera today. A fun, free app, Pudding Camera offers the user a wide selection of cameras (e.g. Basic, Snap, Panorama, motion, etc.), and a wide range of ‘film types’ aka filters.

The camera selections apparantly come with different focal lengths, but this appears to simply be the crop factor (clearly it cant adjust the cameras built in focal length). I loved how it has ev compensation, which works fairly well. I would like to see future releases have a touch to focus rather than just centre focus, and a macro option would be nice also. That being said, its free!

Its all shot live, not with post processing options, also strangely no live view of the filters considering this.

The light was pretty magic this evening as I headed out to test my repaired car and Pudding Camera. Everything seemed colour saturated! I shot this image using the ‘standard camera’ and brown tint filter.

Tomorrow I will either try a second shot using it, or try a different app.

Guns of North Head

A rainy old Sunday here in Auckland today. Still, I wanted to get out and about for a walk and brought my Nex 5n along as it frequently gets left at home for the pocket friendly GRD. In addition to this I brought along my Ricoh 35mm camera, for which I have a few B&W frames left on the film to finish still. I went for a stroll around North Head and its old wartime fortress remains. Shortly into the walk it started bucketing down and the sony stayed put in my bag. My cellphone, for which I have less value for proved trustworthy in the rain and I managed to get some pictures. Todays image is of some of the old guns on the hill. Backed up by a massive disappearing cannon, these guns from WW2 were never used in anger, and only used for ceremonial activities. Long since decommissioned, they remain as part of the reminder of New Zealand’s wartime activities.

As above, todays image was taken on my mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy i5800 (3mp), using the vignette app, and post edited in photoshop with a slight bump up of contrast. There was nothing to see but a cloud of rain in the distance, not particularly great light for photos, but I like the result.

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