Brooklands Park

As shot from the camera, I loved the saturated colour I got during my visit to Brooklands Park in New Plymouth. The sun was hot and the grass dry in many places. Brooklands itself is a suburb in New Plymouth. With a large area covered in the forested park (and a zoo), the area is […]

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NZ from the Sky

Returning from our holiday in New Plymouth yesterday afternoon, it was a beautiful, mostly clear day right up the North Island (soon to be given the dual title Te Ika a Maui). As with all of my recent holidays, I went along with my Ricoh GRD IV. I almost took the Sony Nex this time, […]

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Horse on the Hill

As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to concentrate on mobile phone photography (and the wordpress mobile app)over the next week, and experiment with photo editing apps out there for android. Last night I installed Afterfocus. Reading the writeup and comments on the android store, some say it brings dslr quality to your mobile phone. […]

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Ocean View

A lazy day was had in New Plymouth today. Its nice to take a break from the hussle and bussle of day to day life – sometimes it takes one to be taken out of their invironment in order to be able to do it! I caught todays image on the waterfront. I like the […]

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The Honeymaker

The weather was great down in New Plymouth after a clear flight. I love window seats when flying over land. Unfortunatly I had not switched my phone to flight mode, so I didnt grsb any in flight shots. Upon reaching our destination I did some relaxing in the sun and caught this little guy gathering […]

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The Wind Wand

One from the archives today. Taken on my visit down to New Plymouth on the lower west coast of the North Island, I came across ‘The Wind Wand’ along the waterfront. Going by the massive coastal wave wall and the fairly strong breeze, the wand was really in its element bending and swaying to and […]

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