Mount Hobson – Remuera

Mt Hobson1Picking my my new old Minolta Hi-matic 7s after work today, I took a quick stroll up Mt Hobson with the GRD IV. Originally called Remuera in Maori, the Mount is an old volcanic cone just of of the city in the suburb of Remuera. Sitting at 143m high, following one of the zig-zag cow tracks up to the summit makes it a fairly easy climb. Over its life its been used as a Maori Pa, a quarry, pasture land and finally a water reservoir. Going by the young cows on there today, still pasture also!

A nice little walk with great views if your in the Remuera/ New Market area!

Mt Hobson2 Mt Hobson3 Mt Hobson4 Mt Hobson5 Mt Hobson6 Mt Hobson7 Mt Hobson8 Mt Hobson9 Mt Hobson10 Mt Hobson11


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