Aucklands Spaghetti Junction

Spagetti Junction

All big cities seem to have their own Spaghetti Junction. A confusing series of motorway on/off ramps, twisted and turned like a bowl of spaghetti. Auckland is no different.

Shot again from the Sky Tower, looking down upon the city, I focused towards part of our spag bowl. Technically titled the ‘Central Motorway Junction’, Im not sure I have ever met anyone who has called it such. Without reference, my understanding is our spaghetti junction was built in the 1960’s to assist traffic flows and congestion in the central meeting point (CBD). When being built in the 70’s, it seems as there was some cost cutting, as I recall a number of pilons sticking up, going nowhere. I the 2000’s it was finally completed (or extended depending on ones position of opinion).

Unfortunately for Auckland, and I am sure other areas of the world, a plan for traffic and traffic flow in the 60’s had no way of being able to accurately project 50 years into the future. The spaghetti may be well sign posted, but its still a muddle, and best to keep clear of any time around rush hour traffic…unless you want to more slowly and admire the engineering that is.

And another shot from above tomorrow!

Road to the City

road to the city

With great weather outside, I managed to go for a bit of a ride on the motorbike for an hour after work before heading to the mall to begin Christmas shopping. Up in the Albany area of the North Shore, I dismounted and went for a bit of a walk around some land that is currently green pasture, but just as likely to be shops or industrial in the next decade.

At the edge of the field ran a waist height barbed wire fence – stopping whoever/whatever from passing through and onto the motorway. There is no stock in the area, and even a short person could get over it, so its function is a little questionable. It did serve as part of todays image ‘road to the city’!

Using Gimp I processed a cross-processing filter after applying a lomo effect. I then added ‘film grain’ and resized for the net.

oh, and the Christmas shopping – the shops were already busy and full. Thankfully I got the majority of presents today as its only going to get worse next week!

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