Bike Vignette Diana Style


My main pc and editing software compter is connected up to our tv, and with a guest staying with us this week I have decided to concentrate on mobile phone photography – leaving the tv free for others!

I also recently finished a quick strip down, repaint and parts swap on my bike (just in time for my car to blow its radiator side tank…). Taking it for a bit of a test ride I headed down to Bayswater, cycling around the marina, and took todays shot.

Although unedited, I used the vignette app set to diana style.

I think what I will do some time this week is try out a few android photo editing apps and report how they go. For those who follow me, you will know I’m a dedicated Gimp user for post processing. Since its not on android at this stage I will have to see what works on a mobile level for me!

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