The Hidden Cove

Waking up at 5am, I jumped in the car and headed to Auckland’s West Coast to catch some early morning images. With a host of beaches to choose from, I settled on my favorite – Piha Beach. 39km west of Auckland’s CBD, its a long windy road to get to Piha. From the direction I […]

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Balmain Reserve and the Beach

As the days rapidly count down to the end of Holiday time, I have decided to continue on with my ‘digital Polaroid’ theme for the last few days. Hitting 25 degrees in Auckland today, we headed down to Cheltnham beach for a swim (I have written about the beach numerous times in the past so […]

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Looking out at Whitford

What was to be a few hours in the morning trip to view a car, turned into a full day out at the south eastern beaches of Auckland. On our way there I stopped at a high point, looking down at an area called Whitford and out into the harbour. In hand I had mobile […]

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Devonport, the mobile polaroid

Out and about in Devonport today, I played around with the Vignette app on my mobile. Vignette has had a number of updates in recent months – mostly fixes, but also extra bits and pieces, so I thought it was time to give it another run. As I have mentioned before, my favorite android camera […]

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Birthdays and Handball

Another quick ‘on the run’ photo day. Some kids chalk, a ball and group of friends resulted in a round of Kiwi rules handball 4 square. – remembering our younger days! Image shot on samsung galaxy s2 and shot using vignette.

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Over the Motorway

Last week on my walk in town I crossed a recently finished walkway bridge linking Ponsomby to the eaterfront. Its been a long time in the making, initially, to my knowledge, being planned for completion a year ago. A combination of steel, glass and concrete, its certainally a nicely finished unit. Shot on my galaxy […]

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Roaming the City

I had some time early this afternoon to roam some of the close to cbd suburban and park areas. Mostly I was shooting with my 35mm Ricoh tls, but I also grabbed a few shots on the mobile phone. Im sure I have said it before, but there is something quite cool with park areas […]

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Run Santa Run

A quick mobile photo on the go today. After work hundreds of people around the country (and other countries I think) gathered in their main towns to take part in ‘The Great KidsCan Santa Run’. A short fun run that raises funds towards children with cancer, its likely the most santas anyone will see in […]

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Fish, Shrimp and Photo Editor

Some time ago I downloaded an app ‘Photo Editor’. I had forgotten about it until revisiting mobile phone photography this week. Unlike several of the other Apps I have spoken about over the last week, Photo Editor offers no range of simulated films, cameras or focus depths. Its a nice simple tool for cropping, adjusting […]

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