The Corolla


Running out of time and looking over old images from a few years ago – mostly of the collection of different cars I have owned, I pulled out an old imaged I used to sell my Corolla Ceres. Shot on my Sony A230 and Minolta 50mm lens, I recall using this image as a bit of a template for my ‘for sale’ images for the cars that followed.

There was certainly nothing special about this car. It did take me on holiday around the North Island, never missed a beat and was good on fuel. Like many cars I have had, I owned it, drove it, grew tired with it and moved on.

I still like the shot of it though.

Something newer tomorrow!

Tree on the Lake

An archive post today. Shot in 2011 at the Sydney Chinese Gardens, I captured this beautiful tree overhanging the stone work and small pond.

For anyone visiting Sydney Australia, if you have time I would urge toy to visit the gardens. I think (?) at the time of my visit, it was the largest of its kind in Australia. Worth a few hours slowly walking around, and perhaps getting a cup of tea, the garden has some beautiful stonework, plants and an amazingly isolating power – being it is in the middle of the city.

Originally in colour, I converted to B&W in Gimp as it gives it more power and emotion in my opinion. Shot on the Sony A230 DSLR with a minolta 50mm Lens.

Portrait of a BMW

Todays image is one I took a little while ago on my Sony A230 DSLR with a 50mm Minolta lens. I really wanted to see if I could create a car image that may have been used by BMW when releasing the 5 Series . Although this is the smaller web optimized version of that image I’m pretty happy with the end result, and think its a much more appealing image in B&W.

I finally finished off the B&W film in my Ricoh today and sent it off to the developers, si I’m keenly waiting to see what I get back and what I can share here. I’ll load and start shooting a self develop film in my Rollei 35 T over the next few days also – it will be interesting to see how I go stepping back to a full manual setup – including the necessity to guess the focus distance as the 35’s have no focus assistance like most cameras.

Queens Birthday celebrated here in NZ on Monday, so one more day till the long weekend!

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