Flowers in my Garden

It wasn’t that long ago in life that I had zero interest in gardening. My family had always had large gardens full of fruit, veg, and flowers. I’m sure as a small child I would have helped here and there, and do recall planting the odd tree, but I guess once ‘teenagedom’ hit, the appeal […]

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The Lion of the West Coast

Taken from the lookout point at the south of Piha, today’s image is a great profile of Lion Rock. If you look carefully (or imaginatively) you can see the lions eye and nose on the left, his Mane and lower back. Climbing up, one come from the right hand side of this image (clearly we […]

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Lion Rock, Piha

For visitors to Piha, the most memorable, or at least recognisable part of the area is the famous Lion Rock. a 16 million year old piece of volcanic neck standing ~101 metres high. It got its name from the shape of a sitting lion when viewed from the south of the beach (left in the […]

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Flowing out to Sea

As I transition back into the usual flow of work, its time to share some images I captured over the last week. As stated the other day, I went to the West Coast of Auckland and took some images at Piha Beach. Nice and early in the morning, the water flowing to the beach was […]

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The Beach (part II)

As always, Mondays a busy day, so here is another shot from yesterdays outing. It really highlights the distance of the raft from the beach at high tide. I have memories visiting the beach as a young one and the journey it took to swim out to the raft, well above ones head height deep. […]

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An old archive holiday image from many years ago. I think it was taken on a digital camera, but cant recall which one – the data does not suggest it was a branded camera – not that it matters anyway. Camping on the northern area of the Coromandel, North Island New Zealand – transported in […]

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When I was young I remember being a massive fan of the TV series MacGyver. An action adventure mega star, Macgyver hated guns, carried a pocket knife, and could get out of almost any situation with a pocketful of junk and some household items. Danger followed him wherever he went, and he always won the […]

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Lion Rock

After taking work home, I only had time for an archive hunt again today, ‘Lion Rock’. Located at Piha, which is a west coast surf beach about 40km from Auckland’s central city area. Although this shot is of the back of the ‘lion’ and erosion has taken its toll, from the side one with imagination […]

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Dark Skeletrees

Shooting in B&W again today I came across a bunch of trees that had lost all their leaves for the winter season. Adjusting the exposure for the clouds/sky behind we see the ‘skeletons’ of the trees. For some reason it reminded me of going camping when little and seeing shadows from inside the tent. As […]

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