Rolled Hay

With another great day for the long weekend, I went for a stroll both in a small bush park I had not been to before, and to explore a recently developed area behind Long Bay Reserve. I am assuming, in some form of preparation for the land, Hay had been rolled out in the soon […]

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Road to the City

With great weather outside, I managed to go for a bit of a ride on the motorbike for an hour after work before heading to the mall to begin Christmas shopping. Up in the Albany area of the North Shore, I dismounted and went for a bit of a walk around some land that is […]

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Black, White and Red all Over

As stated yesterday, I will post up a series of images taken from the art show I attended in Devonport on Sunday. Today’s image, ‘Black, White and Red all Over’ (The artists actual title, not mine- Turtle Donna Sarten) was a beautiful, yet sobering piece that brings about awareness of child abuse and death in […]

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Clothesline Sculpture

Today we attended the NZ Sculpture Onshore art even running over two weeks at Fort Takapuna in Devonport. A very windy day, when the rain and wind were not present, it was beautiful weather. Some really cool art works by various artists, I will display some more over the next week. What I failed to […]

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The Landing

Its funny how animals have learnt that what they do, and aspects of human behaviour equates to reward. Frequently when visiting the beach or lakes, enjoying some lunch or dinner, the ducks, swans, pukeko and seagulls also know its lunch or dinner time. If they didn’t come flying and running, its unlikely we would end […]

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