The Wind Wand

One from the archives today. Taken on my visit down to New Plymouth on the lower west coast of the North Island, I came across ‘The Wind Wand’ along the waterfront. Going by the massive coastal wave wall and the fairly strong breeze, the wand was really in its element bending and swaying to and fro. Designed by a New Zealand artist, Len Lye,  Weighing 900KG and standing 45 meters high – this thing can bend in the wind at least 20 meters!

Again taken on a cellphone – a Samsung Galaxy 3, using the app vignette, it shows that one can get an interesting shot (in my opinion at least) no matter what photographic tool one uses. I really like the heavy vignette, following the walkway along to the wand as it bends back out into the strong swell of the Tasman Sea.

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