My M42 to Nex adaptor arrived today, allowing me to use the Rikenon 50 1.7 lens from the Ricoh Singlex TLS on digital. Unfortunately with winter closing in, and work being busy, I had lost the light for the day. Opening the fridge, a bottle of water had frozen and shattered, so became todays subject. Shot […]

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Tree in Still Water

  Sony Nex and Jupiter 8 lens in hand, we headed out for a walk after a long day at work, to catch the last of the days light. In stark contrast to the heavy rain and wind yesterday, today was clear blue and still. I was amazed how still it was on the water, […]

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Pukeko Among Ducks

Some more fun today with the Nex and some legacy lens. Todays shot was taken on an old soviet Industar 26 – a 2,8/52mm lens. Shot stopped down to 2.8 I was happy with the images it gave me today, even with todays image being shot at dusk – credit to both the land and […]

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Afternoon Warmth

I went for a stroll around part of Tuff Crater, in Northcote on Auckland’s North Shore this afternoon. There was a blustery cold wind coming from the harbor into the crater area. As I walked around I found a sheltered spot where the afternoon sun’s rays  warmed a patch of grass with fallen leaves. Sony […]

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