Yesterdays Outtakes

Yesterdays shot wasn’t gained in a single press of the shutter (or screen, since it was take on the iPod). It took a number of attempts to get the seagull close enough, in focus and framed for me to then edit it. Looking at the above image, its almost more like the gull was photobombing […]

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Sky Screamer Launches

Auckland’s Sky Screamer – a three person egg shaped cage with a big rubber band on it. Sit down, strap up and get propelled into the sky at something like 200kph (124mph). Ive been on it a number of times over the years – each time as harrowing as the next if your not overly […]

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Planning and Planning

One of my less than visually stunning images for this Friday. Thos who have followed me long enough might recall a photo titled ‘The Proposal‘.  Its all getting mighty close now here in the household, so close that table maps and lists of names are falling into order. A wonderful combination of excitedness and ‘so […]

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