Small World in My Garden

in my garden 3With light fading fast today, I switched the Ricoh GRD IV to macro to have a close up look around my garden. Using manual focusing macro to 1cm, I looked around for some test subjects. The little flying creature in the main shot above was sitting on some coriander flowers (quite small in themselves).

The ants below, for the given light, didn’t stand still (no surprise), and the small stinkbug like beetle consistently turned its back to me! The last little mite of a creature was barely visable with my close as possible focus – goes to show no matter how close you look, there is always something smaller around the corner.

Last day of my holiday break tomorrow. Not sure what the weathers going to do, but all going well I’ll be off for a stroll.

in my garden 1 in my garden 2 In my garden 4


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