Stairs to Freedom

In today’s post, Stairs to Freedom, I wanted to create that visual experience we all get when adjusting to different light sources. Be it turning on/off a light in the middle of the night, or coming out of a dark tunnel into bright daylight as in this image. The eyes take a moment to adjust […]

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The Chain Fence

It must have almost been a week since I picked up my Sony Nex, and many many months since I last used my Industar 61 (generally I would grab the Jupiter-8 for a manual 50).So, I headed out with this combination and my Ricoh GR1 (to finish the film in it) for a several hour […]

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Air Brakes

We had some more great weather today, so after some tidying around the house I managed to go for a several hour walk. I brought along my Nex 5N and two of my old legacy lenses – the Industar 61 and Jupiter 11. Todays image ‘Air Brakes’ was captured on the Jupiter 11, a 135mm […]

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Sundown at the Marina

Today was mostly made up of being ill in bed and torrential rain that flooded the region. However, at the end of the day the rain subsided and I felt the need to get out for some fresh air (cold air really). Armed with the Nex 5N and Industar 61 lens I took a walk […]

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Nex in the City

I ventured across the harbor for a stroll in town today with a new old lens for my Sony Nex 5N. One thing that makes the Sony great is the wide range of adapters you can get to fit other branded and era lenses. My newly acquired lens is an old 55mm Soviet FED Industar […]

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