Hong Kong Market

  Momentarily when I arrived home, I was happy to see the internet had been fixed…then I sat down and it stopped again. Perhaps its some radio wave I emit when I enter the house!? Its working right now at least, so I will get on with todays post. Shot back something like a decade […]

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Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Another busy day full of training from sunrise to past sunset, so I started looking again at old negatives. As with my last 35mm posting, keeping in Hong Kong, todays image was shot somewhere up Victoria Peak. At 552m high, I think this makes it Hong Kong’s second highest point. Taken on the Minolta Dynax […]

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35mm Hong Kong

I recently purchased a film scanner with the intention of using it to copy new films as I develop them. As a side bonus, I found a box of old negatives from my 100% film days. Todays image is one of those, taken on my trip to Hong Kong about ~8 years ago. From memory […]

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