Hong Kong Market

My beautiful picture


Momentarily when I arrived home, I was happy to see the internet had been fixed…then I sat down and it stopped again. Perhaps its some radio wave I emit when I enter the house!? Its working right now at least, so I will get on with todays post.

Shot back something like a decade now in Hong Kong on my Minolta Dynax, I captured this image from one of the local market streets. It had been raining, and I vaguely recall walking up behing the old lady with the brolly to frame her in the shot looking up the street.

Originally shot in colour film, after it being scanned in, I converted to B&W in gimp, and slightly cropped the aspect of the image.

I’d love to get the opportunity to stop over at Hong Kong again. Its a world apart from here in New Zealand, and perhaps its that difference that makes it so appealing. I love the contrast of buildings and people around. Following various bloggers and youtube channels, I like to see what is changing and what is the same. One day I’ll head back.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Another busy day full of training from sunrise to past sunset, so I started looking again at old negatives. As with my last 35mm posting, keeping in Hong Kong, todays image was shot somewhere up Victoria Peak. At 552m high, I think this makes it Hong Kong’s second highest point.

Taken on the Minolta Dynax 700si, I scanned and resized image for net – otherwise untouched. It was summer time when I visited Hong Kong, so likely the hazyness is from the heat and humidity. An amazing view over an amazing city.

35mm Hong Kong

I recently purchased a film scanner with the intention of using it to copy new films as I develop them. As a side bonus, I found a box of old negatives from my 100% film days. Todays image is one of those, taken on my trip to Hong Kong about ~8 years ago. From memory I was using a Minolta Dynax 700si – a really nice piece of 35mm kit I regret selling. Im not sure if it is still the case, but when I visited, Hong Kong still had a small percentage of the boat people community just to one side of the harbor. I remember going on a small boat tour around their community and watching people working on engines, preparing food etc – all the things you might see on a side street on land.

Aside from scanning and resizing for the net this negative scan is untouched. I love the look of old film.

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