Thanks Nature!

Its been bumper weather for the garden, in particular the Tomatoes and Cucumber varieties. A quick forage around the garden delivered more than enough to fill up the vege bin in the fridge. Chillies also are doing well, many now at full size and waiting to turn red. Thanks Nature. We will keep you on! […]

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Small World in My Garden

With light fading fast today, I switched the Ricoh GRD IV to macro to have a close up look around my garden. Using manual focusing macro to 1cm, I looked around for some test subjects. The little flying creature in the main shot above was sitting on some coriander flowers (quite small in themselves). The […]

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Spring Garden

A day of work work, and home work. After building some new garden boxes almost a month ago, I finally got around to purchasing some garden soil and plants. Today’s little Sapling will grow into a chilli making machine – one of my more favourite summer plants.

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Archaeology – Home Edition

When we moved into our house earlier in the year, the second driveway had a middle bit covered in pebbles. I had a suspicion of its use when originally laid, probably sometime in the 1970’s. Side tracked, I decided today to see how deep the pebbles went. Turns out they were only a few inches […]

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After mentioning I had been house bound for the past few days recovering, and not been out shooting, I ran into today’s image ‘Deflation’ literally outside my front door. With Halloween the other day, we had put up some decorations, inviting trick or treaters to come and pay us a call. We had a number […]

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