Little Sheep Below

  Moving up past the tree in yesterdays posting, the view down towards the southern side of Cornwall Park starts to show our elevation, with sheep turning into small ant size…sheep. As mentioned yesterday, One tree Hill is covered in Trees. However, back in the day, it had a big tree on the summit of […]

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Marmite Returns

  On February 22nd 2011 tragedy hit New Zealand with the earthquake that struck Christchurch. During the earthquake, part of the Sanitarium factory was damaged and production of Marmite ceased. Roll forward to March 2012 and the company announced their own stocks of Marmite had all but run out. Marmageddon was declared. Online auction site TradeMe featured numerous jars, both […]

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Warkworth Prison

Whilst I did manage to get some picture taking in today, it was of someone at work for an article, so I wont feature it here. So- another archive image. A scene from the old Warkworth Prison… well holding rooms from the old village police officer days. Moved and displayed at the Warkworth Museum, it […]

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Beach Migration

New Zealand, being fairly isolated on a country scale, has a vast history of migrating. The indigenous group of New Zealand, The Maori have legends of the great Waka that brought them to New Zealand from Hawaiki. Some time later the European discoverers came to the South Seas of the Pacific – Abel Tasman,and most notably Captain […]

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Stairs to Freedom

In today’s post, Stairs to Freedom, I wanted to create that visual experience we all get when adjusting to different light sources. Be it turning on/off a light in the middle of the night, or coming out of a dark tunnel into bright daylight as in this image. The eyes take a moment to adjust […]

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Out from the Kitekite

About a 5 minute drive from Piha is a track leading to the Kitekite Falls – a 40m drop waterfall (or 80m if you count the 3 tier of pools above it). A beautiful, well maintained bush walk, well worth visiting whilst in the area. There are several tracks to choose from, the shortest taking […]

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The Lion of the West Coast

Taken from the lookout point at the south of Piha, today’s image is a great profile of Lion Rock. If you look carefully (or imaginatively) you can see the lions eye and nose on the left, his Mane and lower back. Climbing up, one come from the right hand side of this image (clearly we […]

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Welcoming the New Year

After limited sleep following the midnight welcoming of 2013, today welcomed a hot sunny and beautiful day to Auckland. With many of the shops closed for the public holiday (sadly not all for the retail and essentials workers) masses went to the beaches for a near perfect midday high tide. Being New Zealand’s largest city, […]

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Auckland Trams

In 1902 Auckland got its first electric trams, and again closed down operation in 1956. With the Rugby World Cup last year, Wynyard quarter again brought the W2 Tram back into operation, albeit on a tourist 1.5km route one can also cover on foot. It was nice to see them put back on the road […]

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The French Moat

Scanned from film, I caught this image when visiting France for the UK. Moats are a rare sighting on this side of the world, so it was always a novelty for me to see one. Found in many of the continents of the world, ones like this were possibly just as ornamental as anything, but […]

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