View from Paritutu Rock

vfa1The previous time we headed to New Plymouth, I made it half way up Paritutu Rock. Equipped with jandals (flip flops to some) and poor choice of climbing clothes I didn’t feel safe enough to navigate the raw rock and chain rope up to the summit. This time, aside from some fatigue of getting to the rock from the other end of the city, I ventured to the top and too some shots.

As well as my Sony, I had an old disposable camera that had been sitting in a drawer. I used that to document my travels along the coastal walkway – when I get that developed I will share some scans.

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Mount Wellington

Mount WellingtonAs any of you who regularly follow me may have noticed, I have been running series images from single outings a little of late. Im in the process of moving, and also have had a bit of a boost in work business at the moment, so have not had the daily photo fix I usually enjoy. Combined with this, sometimes when out and about I get multiple images I’d like to share and putting them in a series makes sense.

Todays shot is from near the summit of Mount Wellington. The title both referring to the peak and the surrounding suburb, it received its English name from the Duke of Wellington. Local Maori know it as Maungarei.

Of interest, as well as the amazing views when there, is the massive water reservoir (45,100 cubic meter) built in the 60’s – its the flat part to the left of the image.

As with many volcanic craters around Auckland, people often use the stones in the craters to write messages that can be seen from the summit (or higher).


Once was One Tree Hill

Once was One Tree


So todays image is what One Tree Hill now looks like (minus the one tree!). There have been a number of illegal replantings of trees on the summit, removed by the local council. It is said that when Treaty claims are finalised, or when local council and Iwi (loosely the Maori group of the area) come to an agreement, we may once again see a tree on the summit.

For now however, we still have the tall obelisk where Sir Campbell is buried.

Although I didn’t grab any shots from the summit on this visit, the view is spectacular from the top. 360 degree all around Auckland!

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp.

The Dry Hilltop

Dry Mountain

I mentioned it not long ago, but looking around my local area, we sure have a lot of dry areas. Fire services around the country have been busy putting out bush fires, and rain, aside from one day earlier in the week, seem elusive in Auckland.

Today’s shot is of the weather station up Mt Victoria in Devonport, with the ‘toadstools’ (I think I have featured them in the past) in the foreground.

Shot on the Sony Nex with 16mm pancake lens. In Gimp I added a adjusted ‘National Geographic’ filter, rounded boarder and resized.

Down the Hill to the Village


Its been one of those weeks where things fly by, but on auto pilot. I have not had much time to just take a step back and relax.
Heading home today I took a stroll up Mt Victoria in Devonport (actually this id where I am writing todays post). The hot summer weather has taken its toll on the mountain and all the grass has gone a dry yellow. Only the lush trees remain green.
Casting ones vision down the hill we can see the Devonport village. Around 5pm, traffic is building as people head in and out. After the break in the harbour is the eastern side of the CBD- where the ports shipping things in are found.
Image wise, todays shot is taken on the Galaxy using Vignette.

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