The Approaching Storm – Pudding Camera


I tried out another photo app called Pudding Camera today. A fun, free app, Pudding Camera offers the user a wide selection of cameras (e.g. Basic, Snap, Panorama, motion, etc.), and a wide range of ‘film types’ aka filters.

The camera selections apparantly come with different focal lengths, but this appears to simply be the crop factor (clearly it cant adjust the cameras built in focal length). I loved how it has ev compensation, which works fairly well. I would like to see future releases have a touch to focus rather than just centre focus, and a macro option would be nice also. That being said, its free!

Its all shot live, not with post processing options, also strangely no live view of the filters considering this.

The light was pretty magic this evening as I headed out to test my repaired car and Pudding Camera. Everything seemed colour saturated! I shot this image using the ‘standard camera’ and brown tint filter.

Tomorrow I will either try a second shot using it, or try a different app.

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