Three Garden Shots

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Giving my camera a quick check over,and taking a shot of the Violele, I took a few shots of the neglected lawn and garden now Spring is here. Nice and green!

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Garden Snaps

Sunday Garden 1 Sunday Garden 2A day servicing and cleaning vehicles = little time to take any photos. Played around with Sony’s stitch panorama at relatively close-up positions. Chillies getting near harvest time now!


Busy Bees

Bust bee 2 Busy Bee 1

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee

bee flower

Thanks Nature!

Thanks NatureIts been bumper weather for the garden, in particular the Tomatoes and Cucumber varieties. A quick forage around the garden delivered more than enough to fill up the vege bin in the fridge. Chillies also are doing well, many now at full size and waiting to turn red.

Thanks Nature. We will keep you on!


Harvest Time

Harvest TimeEarly spring I planted some coriander. Always a nice addition to many meals, it started life off a little sad and under-watered due to surprisingly quick drainage in one of my new garden areas. Then, the coriander itself was quick to pass its tasty leaf stage and shoot straight to the flowering. Never mind – its given me either an abundance of seeds to eat, or more likely dry and plant next season!

Into a paper bag the seeds went, to be hung up to dry in the sheltered shed.


Small World in My Garden

in my garden 3With light fading fast today, I switched the Ricoh GRD IV to macro to have a close up look around my garden. Using manual focusing macro to 1cm, I looked around for some test subjects. The little flying creature in the main shot above was sitting on some coriander flowers (quite small in themselves).

The ants below, for the given light, didn’t stand still (no surprise), and the small stinkbug like beetle consistently turned its back to me! The last little mite of a creature was barely visable with my close as possible focus – goes to show no matter how close you look, there is always something smaller around the corner.

Last day of my holiday break tomorrow. Not sure what the weathers going to do, but all going well I’ll be off for a stroll.

in my garden 1 in my garden 2 In my garden 4


The Flower Pot Men

Flower Pot MenWe have gone a little overboard growing different types of chilli plants this year. Two such sit in these fun little pots I picked up at the local gardening store.

December 24th. Christmas eve. Reflecting back to my childhood, the 24th always stuck in my mind as possibly more exciting than the 25th. I think its the buildup, the anticipation.

I have not made it to the lights display at franklin road this year – mostly due to my back playing up and disliking walking and such at the moment. Never mind, always next year.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas – enjoy Christmas eve!


Garden Update

About a month back I posted a shot of our new vegetable garden. Today I harvested the first of the season- a courgette.
It’s crazy looking back not more than 5 weeks ago at the little seedlings, and comparing to now. I’m especially waiting for the chillies – signs of flowers beginning to show.
Shot on the iPod touch and edited in PhotoToaster.

The Plant by the House

The Plant by the HouseThings have been busy this last month or so. More and more have I found that I have had limited time to add written text to my images, or thoughts and reflections loosely relating to them. The limited free time will pass as we come out the other side of some big changes at work, but it has been a bit of a push managing to post each day.

Aside from a bit of a weather bomb approaching this week, New Zealand is well and truly coming into Spring and fast approaching summer. The deciduous trees around my property (which seem like an oddly large amount since I have strong childhood memories of all the evergreens in Auckland) are sprouting new fresh green leaves, and the newly plotted vege garden is showing signs of life with seeds sprouting around the seedlings I planted.

As with last year, at the end of this month I will be taking part in the Auckland half marathon. Also as with last year, my training has not managed to kick in yet… I guess at the very least I will have a measure on my natural fitness again (and if I dont make it, I will know thats dropped to unacceptable levels!)

Well look at that. Three paragraphs. My time must be freeing up already!


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