Morning Tea at Work

Shot on my iPod touch, we had a great Christmas morning tea at work the other day in celebration of the season, and closing of year for some staff. My workplace does not actually close down at all, but I’m now off away on leave. Feels like I have not had a break this year.
Image played around with using Photo Toaster on iOS.
Perhaps some colour tomorrow!

Sachie’s Kitchen

KitchenNot much time for words today. Just a shot off the camera from a work trip to Sachie’s Kitchen in Aucklands CBD.

Just squeezing in, as technically I was there with my old team after changing roles, we had a great afternoon leaning how to and then cooking a variety of tasty dishes.

The staff were friendly, helpful and entertaining. A great place to visit for a group, work team or other gabble of people.

Check them out if your local:


Tasty Snacks



An image from the archives today. It must be several years ago now that I was invited by friends to come and photograph (and eat a little) some finely produced foods. Placed on a table by a wide open window, I worked with the natural available light, and took a series of images. I think it was my first attempt at food photography at the time and although I might do one or two things different now, I was happy with the overall result, and looked back on the series again today with similar feelings.

Todays image was shot on the Sony A230 DSLR. Originally edited in CS4 from RAW and slightly cropped and scaled in Gimp today.

Planet Food

We were stopping through the CBD today, so I took the opportunity to test out my Ricoh TLS after giving it a bit of a clean up. I also brought along my mobile and the fisheye lens as I wanted to capture something else to document for the day.

Being in town there is always a wide range of images, especially with the likes of a fisheye. The first logical choice is to capture the tall skyscrapers towering over oneself and give the distorted image of them closing in on the viewer. Where I strolled through was quite contrasty, and the samsung struggled with the dynamic range to capture the details on the street as well as up in the sky.  I strolled by a lunch bar where the staff were getting in an early morning meal before opening and composed today’s image ‘Planet Food’ . About a foot out from the window, I like how the reflections outside are captured in the fisheye as we peer into the bowl/planet like image.

In post processing, I converted the image to black and white and increased sharpness a little in Gimp.

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