Back to the Light Side…

…or perhaps back to the dark side? Last week I made a bit of an impulse buy on a cheap mountain bike on sale. I have been riding fixed gear solely for about three years now, and single speed for about another three…so I’m a bit uncertain about my purchase…Gears! What it came down to […]

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Bike Vignette Diana Style

My main pc and editing software compter is connected up to our tv, and with a guest staying with us this week I have decided to concentrate on mobile phone photography – leaving the tv free for others! I also recently finished a quick strip down, repaint and parts swap on my bike (just in […]

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One Gear

Quite a few years back I started building a few single speed and fixed gear bikes. At the time, it was before the whole single speed/ ‘Fixie’ culture took off, and only the bike couriers and track cyclists in the area had them. I have often had conversations with people as to why do I […]

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