A visit to Western Springs

Tackling the on and off rain/sun this time of year often brings, we took a visit to Western Springs (once known as Waiorea prior to European settlement). A place I have posted about some time ago. Summer well and truly here, there was a nice mix of water fowl, from small babies, to ‘teenagers’ and adults. […]

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An Audience at Albany

The internet has gone down at home today, so I will take the opportunity for another mobile post. Whilst up in the old Albany village, we stopped in on the local ducks with a loaf of bread. Something I learnt new was that common ducks can swim quite well fully underwater. I have only seen […]

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The Landing

Its funny how animals have learnt that what they do, and aspects of human behaviour equates to reward. Frequently when visiting the beach or lakes, enjoying some lunch or dinner, the ducks, swans, pukeko and seagulls also know its lunch or dinner time. If they didn’t come flying and running, its unlikely we would end […]

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Follow the Leader

‘Follow the Leader’ seemed the natural title when I snapped this badelynge of ducks at Kell Park in Albany after work.Getting down low with the Nex 5N and 16mm lens, I think they initially thought I came bearing gifts, and soon changed direction when they realised they were just getting their pictures taken. Its funny […]

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