Flowers by the Lake

Flowers by the Lake


Friday took me on a work outing out to the West Coast, walking around some wonderful and diverse scenery.

I took along my old 35mm Minolta XG1 and iPod in pocket. Over the next week I’ll share some of the walk, and the background of the area.

For today though, Ill leave it with a shot of ‘Flowers by the Lake’. I ran another half marathon today – my first run since last months half marathon. I managed to shave 12min’s off the previous time!

More tomorrow!

Bellis Perennis in the Rain

Bellis perennis, or ‘common garden daisy’ was the subject of todays image. For such a small little flower that grows all over, they have a lot of potential uses – eaten raw, used in soups, salads, teas, as a vitamin supplement. Romans (and more modern homeopaths) used their juice to assist with wound injuries. Then we have the saying ‘smell the daisies’ – to take a break, relax, don’t stress about the big stuff. To top it off, these are hardy little flowers. Mow them down with a lawn mower, and within the week they are shooting up at the sky again.

It had been on/off raining all afternoon today and with the threat of another downpour looming when I finished work I took a few minutes to look for todays photo before getting in my car. There was nothing appealing scanning around so I set the Ricoh on macro to see what I could find. Remembering the above mentioned saying i picked this little guy/gurl/thing, reaching up for the sun regardless of the less then ideal weather. Will it make it before the lawn mower gets it? – unlikely, but its a good reminder to take a break in our busy lives all the same.

Post work I desaturated the grass slightly and slightly bumped up the sharpness in Gimp.

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