Chasing Once Was Cyclone Lusi

Chasing LusiA busy day had me heading out late tonight to hunt down the once was cyclone Lusi. Now downgraded and no longer a cyclone, Lusi is still packing a punch in the wind department.

I had bagged my Sony all up in waterproof gear, anticipating a late afternoon shoot, but neither that, or any rain of note happened. Strong winds and long exposures left for more camera shake than I would have liked, and less successful shots than usual (wind gusts are still very strong).

Back home, Lusi is knocking at the door, but I think the brunt for Auckland has past. Lots of electrical outs around the North Island, but no excitement for this shooter.

Red Sky Morning

Red Sky MorningThe old phrase ‘red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’ (or sailors depending on your upbringing and geographical location) appears to be ringing true today as I await the cyclone that is Lusi on its way to New Zealand.

We have been told to cancel upcoming weekend activities outdoors, prepare for a king tide, massive coastal weather, possible flooding, high winds and power cuts. Its always so surreal when a large storm approaches. The air changes. Things go still. Most animals seem to know something is coming.

I enjoy weather extremes. Within limits. All going well, I will try to get out in some of it and take in the amazing power that is mother nature. Going not so well, I’ll stay inside.

As I write the breeze is mellow. News reports its already picking up at the top of the country, so its just a small wait now…


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