Blossoms in the Rain


With an unusually open afternoon I headed off to Cornwall Park by One Tree Hill in Auckland to take some snaps. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and rain went from spitting to a constant bucket from the sky. In some ways the clouds helped by giving me an even (yet dark) shadow of light. I managed to get a number of shots off before retreating to dryer places.


Onehunga to Newmarket Stroll

O2C9Dropping a car off for work we sold today, I took a 2 hour ‘stroll’ to get my ride home. Aside from some rain, it was great taking ones time through a industrial – suburban – park area I don’t visit so often. Really quite different to my local area. 

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View to New Life

View to New Life


Todays image brings my One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park series to a close. The building in view is the local hospital, once known as National Womens. Many mothers when there back in the day to have their children. It was not always practice that the father/husband could come into the birthing area with the mum to be. With One Tree Hill just behind, some fathers to be may have taken a stroll up to this point, listening to the lambs and eagerly awaiting their own youngster!

As this post goes live, it also signals the end of my Easter break. All going well, I’ll be back tomorrow with some new images from where I went. Catch you then!

Little Sheep Below

Little Sheep below


Moving up past the tree in yesterdays posting, the view down towards the southern side of Cornwall Park starts to show our elevation, with sheep turning into small ant size…sheep.

As mentioned yesterday, One tree Hill is covered in Trees. However, back in the day, it had a big tree on the summit of the hill. Visually recognisable from miles around, the tree was cut down in 1852 by the ‘white settler’ either for fire wood, or as an act of vandalism. Sir Campbell attempted to plant new native trees on the summit (Totara being the preference for its cultural value), but they did not survive, and in the 1870’s two radiata pines were planted and grew. Along came the 1960’s and again one tree was felled (but is ok, there was still one left!). We then reach the 1990’s and the surviving tree was subject to a number of attacks from Maori activists (I won’t go into great detail here, but the activists were making a point about injustices from the past). Sadly (regardless of which side of the fence one sits with the activist points), in 2000, after a second attack, the tree was deemed a danger, and a lost cause recovery wise and was felled.

(more tomorrow)

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp.

Tree on the Side

Tree on the side


Moving to a more southern point of Cornwall park from yesterday, and slowly progressing up One Tree Hill, I shot todays image ‘Tree on the Side’. Although known as One Tree Hill (or Maungakiekie, or Te Totara i Ahua to local Maori), the hill itself is covered in trees (more about that in the next few days).

Even halfway up the hill here, the view of the surrounding land is both far and wide. Its no surprise that Maori once had a Pa site (village – often with a defensive aspect to it) here! – all around you would be able to see the comings and goings of people.

As with yesterday, the area is populated now with sheep.

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp.

Sloping Green

sloping green


Moving a little South of yesterdays image, we are now in part of the active farm/livestock section of Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill. Way back in 1844 Thomas Henry of Ireland purchased the area to farm. It changed hands and management many times since then, even being used for growing potatoes during WW2 under a government emergency regulation.

Todays image ‘Sloping Green’ is one of such areas of active livestock today. At the time of visiting, home to a number of sheep having their early morning snack.

Shot on the Sony Nex 5N with 18-50mm lens and edited in Gimp.

Arrival of the Sun

Arrival of the Sun


I’m off on holiday for several days over the Easter period, so have prepared a bit of a series of Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill. I won’t be able to respond to comments until next week, but until then, thanks ahead!

Todays image ‘Arrival of the Sun’ starts us at the bottom of the hill, in Cornwall Park. Early morning, the sun was a beautiful golden colour, and the shadows still long across the landscape.

Gifted to Auckland by Sir John Logan Campbell (although prior to settlers Maori land), Sir Campbell is buried on the summit of One Tree Hill, looking down upon the park.

A great place to visit for anyone with a free half day in Auckland, One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park offer a relaxed, and scenic stop just out of the city centre.

More tomorrow!

Shot on the Sony Nex with 18-50mm lens and edited in Gimp.

Sequoioideae – Redwood

RedwoodSequoioideae, better know to many as Redwood, are some of the tallest trees in the world. Able to live well over a thousand years, the few in todays image are just wee babies – age wise (although already very tall),Brought to New Zealand with settlers, much of the country once had Redwood. Now days its not so common, likely used for various parts of the manufacture of houses and other wood products over time.

Shot on the Sony Nex with 16-50mm pancake zoom.


Sheep 2

Even though the days are slowly getting longer, of late it seem like I have less and less time free to go out and shoot some photos…I’ll have to do something about that, but for now, here is an image I took several weeks back on the Sony Nex 5N at Cornwall Park.

Post processing wise, I played with the levels a little and added a slight colour tone to the image.

Sheep are funny animals. The have the ability to be a bit intimidating the way they stare at you breathing heavily. In reality I expect most the time they would think the opposite, breathing heavily, panicking what that human is going to do next. For anyone looking for a ‘sheep movie’ try the New Zealand filmed Black Sheep.

Fingers crossed I can get some images tomorrow!

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