The last Ko Lanta Sunset

Our last night in Ko Lanta, we arrived early and got some good viewing seats at the corner of the resort. It was claimed to be one of the best spots to see a sunset in all of Ko Lanta. We had been previous nights, but unfortunately the weather had not been in our favour. […]

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Summer Rolls In

A fantastic Saturday in Auckland today brings along the hope that Summer is starting to arrive. The beach hosted a number of people sunbathing, relaxing and swimming. Stepping back into non mobile cameras, I brought along the GRD IV to capture today’s shot. Using Gimp in post processing I added a cross processed filter, which […]

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Mt. Victoria Mushrooms

On the summit of Mt Victoria sit a patch of giant mushrooms. Big red mushrooms with white dots. Actually ventilation ducts, the ‘mushrooms’ have been painted multiple times over the decades, and make an intersting site for people visiting the Mt Victoria to get a view of the North Shore, town, and Rangitoto (in the […]

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Natures Paintbrush

As one would gather scrolling through my posts, I take a lot of still life and nature type photographs. This may be in nature itself, or capturing a street void of people. I actually enjoy taking pictures of people and events also, but I think I often use my photography time as my own little […]

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Creatures that go through multiple forms are amazing. Imagine going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Do they know they are going to make the change? – crawling along on branches eating, then being ‘reborn’ and swooping through the sky. Todays little guy was snapped still on the swan plant that they eat down here. […]

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Kung-Fu Lorikeet

Visiting one of Auckland’s bigger bird stores. The Bird Barn, I ran into this colorful little chap. Squarking loud and following my every move as I walked around the aviary, I snapped him on an old compact digi cam, the Fuji FinePix J15fd.He seemed pretty used to the attention and continued running up and down […]

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