Sky Before the Storm

  Thoughts going out to Vanuatu after the destruction of Cyclone Pam. On its way this evening to New Zealand, the edge seen in the sky this morning before the cloud covered as far as one can see. Advertisements

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Clouds in the Sky

Off out for dinner tonight, so slotting a quick post in. Although perhaps not for all, but a refreshing view from my work window today – clouds! – ones that suggest the possibility of rain! As I have mentioned prior, a lot of New Zealand is in a drought. Great for the wine makers and […]

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Natures Paintbrush

As one would gather scrolling through my posts, I take a lot of still life and nature type photographs. This may be in nature itself, or capturing a street void of people. I actually enjoy taking pictures of people and events also, but I think I often use my photography time as my own little […]

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