Walking Chiang Mai

CM walk

Ive sort of thrown together a handful of images from my walking around Chiang Mai today. Not much flow between each of them sorry.

One thing I noticed more in Chiang Mai more than other areas of Thailand was the uneven pathways (if there was a pathway). It appears that each shop has ownership, or is responsible for their bit of pathway to the road. So many areas on my walk had uneven sections, stepping up and down between businesses. Some concrete, some tiled…a few rubbly dirt. Its more of a interesting (or uninteresting) observation than a criticism – unless your in a country where the business might get in trouble if you fell!

CM walk 1 CM walk 2

I often head out fairly early morning when out on walking treks. In Thailand I learnt that means many shops are still closed. With the night markets, and general heat in the day, so many people do their business in the evening. Heading out early morning, things are not yet open and going. That being said – there is still plenty happening.

CM walk 3 CM walk 4 CM walk 5

There was a bit of working going on in the river/open drain (once was river?). A little amusing to see this weighty digger using a log on the back section to prop it up.

Some more from the Northern region tomorrow!

Farewell Bangkok

Old Shop

Although I have countless more images from Bangkok, today can be the last, so we can move up north a little next time. Something I love to see in cities I have visited is the contrast between old and new. Todays top image is of just as such – a old rundown building (I think still inhabited) contrasting on the more modern cityscape. It reminds me of those movies where someone holds onto their house whilst the world grows up around it. I think here in Auckland (the central city area) land and building value is too high to see something quite like this (but to be fair, there are some old ones off main roads).

Like many cities, Bangkok offers a host of was to get around for the tourist. Walk (the most traditional), Taxi (sooo cheap on the metered ones when traffic flowing), Tuk Tuk(more expensive than taxi’s – I’ll do a feature on them some time) or the train network. I loved how the train (and walking) overpass spread across the city above the roads:

Overpass1 Overpass2 Overpass3

I was also intrigued by the seemingly hazardous mains power system (Bangkok much better than some other districts).

Wired poles


Farewell Bangkok

Memorial Statue

goodnight Bangkok




Nights in Bangkok part 1


After hours in the air, we set down in Bangkok. Time wise we landed some time after midnight, so the photos came the first day morning looking out over the cityscape. Exploring some of the town, we found ourselves in the World Centre (I think) – a bustling multi story shopping centre.

Some more tomorrow.

Bangkok2 Bangkok3

Running the Half

Today marked the Auckland Marathon, New Zealand’s biggest turn out marathon. As with many years gone by, I entered the half marathon. Unlike other years, I completed a big fat zero hours of training. Unsurprisingly, this left me fairly sore for the rest of the day.
This year marked the first course change in a long time – a great change it was, taking us along the motorway, along the shoreline heading to town.
For now, time to put my feet up!

Autumn Between the Shadows

A sliver of light

A shot from above.

Looking down I snapped the autumn tree, its colours beaming out from both the shadows and grey city surrounding.

Shot on the Nex 5N with the 55-210mm lens. In Gimp I desaturated the blue tones, giving the city buildings the mono tone.

More shots from above tomorrow.

Auckland City from Afar

Auckland from afarHeading out to pick up some bits and pieces we passed through Greenhithe in Auckland norther region. Taking a quick stroll around one of the local parks, I captured a shot of our cities CBD from a distance.

Shot on the Sony Nex, once home I opened up in Gimp and cropped the aspect ratio to make the image more panoramic. Converting to B&W I added a slight brown hue to the image.


Urban Growth

Urban GrowthAs with all big cities (or small cities), growth is something we see in a continual state of movement. Largely cities offer what people want and/or need – jobs, income, shops, society, action… (I’m sure the list will depend on each as an individual).

Auckland currently, for its population, one of the most sprawled out cities in the world. With this comes issues – transportation being one of the larger ones. Our current Mayor, Len Brown, has put in place plans for an extended rail network and improved public transportations – all in an effort to reduce the peek hour traffic jams, and make Auckland a better place to live. I think the plans sound great.

The next big argument between local and national government is what Auckland does in the future? – do we expand more, moving out into less developed land? Do we concentrate on more high population housing estates, more high-rise? Both come with their pros and cons, and likely a mix is the answer.

For a city that holds 32% of the countries population (and growing), Auckland will always have a struggle with housing, transportation and all the infrastructure that surrounds it. For me, its still home.


Hong Kong Market

My beautiful picture


Momentarily when I arrived home, I was happy to see the internet had been fixed…then I sat down and it stopped again. Perhaps its some radio wave I emit when I enter the house!? Its working right now at least, so I will get on with todays post.

Shot back something like a decade now in Hong Kong on my Minolta Dynax, I captured this image from one of the local market streets. It had been raining, and I vaguely recall walking up behing the old lady with the brolly to frame her in the shot looking up the street.

Originally shot in colour film, after it being scanned in, I converted to B&W in gimp, and slightly cropped the aspect of the image.

I’d love to get the opportunity to stop over at Hong Kong again. Its a world apart from here in New Zealand, and perhaps its that difference that makes it so appealing. I love the contrast of buildings and people around. Following various bloggers and youtube channels, I like to see what is changing and what is the same. One day I’ll head back.

Billboard Women

Walking in town one night I came across a long term building site which is surrounded by a wooden fence. Whether it be paid or unpaid, it is covered head to toe in both art and some political statements. Dimly lit by street lights, I made my way around it killing some time as I waited for some friends. With the Ricoh set on 3200iso I capteured a number of images including these two womens faces. The reminded me of olden portraits with their subtle tones and expressions. I dont know who the artist was, but i’d love to see some more of their work – be it on a wall or elsewhere!

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