Walking the Cheetah’s

Auckland Zoo put on some pretty awesome tours. One such is the Cheetah walk. I wasn’t on the walk myself, but with a long lens on the camera I managed to capture some images of these cool cats. I’ll spit up the images between today and tomorrow…for no reason but Im away from the computer […]

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Olly the cat. Another weekend come and gone. This one being exciting as I added a new drill to the workshop, and won an auction for an old Olympus Mju 1 pocket camera. Im sure I wrote about my last Mju 1 earlier in the year when it had an ill fated early death by […]

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Its Cold Outside

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (As sung by Tom Jones – performed with Cerys Matthews) I really can’t stay But baby, it’s cold outside I’ve got to go away Ah, baby, it’s cold outside This evening has been Been hoping that you’d drop in So very nice I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice My […]

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Molly the Cat

For a few days at the house we have a special guest, Molly the Cat. Molly is staying with us in preparation for a big move to Hamilton in the weekend. Being another hot day, I felt a bit like Molly when I arrived home – hot, tired and not really up to heading out […]

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Charlie in 35mm

Our pet cat Charlie. So often images of her turn out either in a blurred mess or just a dark blob – I think she has some magical power to make digital cameras malfunction when they focus in on her. I was pleased and surprised that upon developing the latest film from the Ricoh GR1 […]

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Beach Cat

What a long work day! – I didn’t get a chance to snap any images today, so pulled out this one from a few months ago. The beach down the road from us is one of those very shallow, or flat areas. When the tide goes out it stretches quite a way. We were down […]

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