JW7998 All Cleaned Up

To finish off yesterdays story, todays shot (a photo of a photo from my pre digital era) is of my finished rebuild of JW7998. Its funny, and great how looking at old images re-accesses memories buried deep in ones head. Looking at my old Mini wheels, I now recall the effort I went to hand […]

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The Rise of JW7998

Roughly now 15 years ago was the first time I met JW7998. I was working at one of the local servos (petrol station) one day when JW7998 came rolling in. By rolling in, I mean literally rolling in. The owner,a man probably around my current age had run out of petrol and had coasted down […]

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The mini Mini

Not one of my own projects today, rather a spotted project in the St Heliers area of Auckland’s central coastal area. Compared to most cars since the 70’s, the Mini has always been a small car – however a mini Mini makes a normal Mini look like a family saloon! Being they are constructed with […]

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Project Supra

Several vehicles (projects) before yesterdays Project Mini, was project Supra. I remember this car sitting across the road from my then flat for about 6 months. At some stage it got a for sale sign on it. Upon enquiring with the owner, it had two blown turbos. A negotiation later and I was the owner. […]

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Project Mini

A photo, and project from the archives today. Although I have not done much of recent, in the past I almost always had a project car on the go. Todays image was of my old 1975 Mini Clubman 1000. The second Mini project I have completed, it started life (well started for me) as a […]

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The Corolla

Running out of time and looking over old images from a few years ago – mostly of the collection of different cars I have owned, I pulled out an old imaged I used to sell my Corolla Ceres. Shot on my Sony A230 and Minolta 50mm lens, I recall using this image as a bit […]

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Cars of the 30’s

This is my last post from Sundays art show…it wasn’t really a piece, but I have a interest or soft spot for classic and vintage vehicles., this particular model from the 1930’s. I have restored a number of 70’s vehicles, but never something of this age. Perhaps one day when I get some time and […]

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Fish-eye’s Bug

I mentioned perhaps a week ago that I had taken delivery of a wide angle and a fisheye lens for mobile phones. I have been waiting for the opportunity to give the fisheye a go as I love the distorted reality they offer – as well as the potentially useful capacity to record ~180 degree […]

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Country Life

Coming home from a team afternoon out with work I snapped today’s image ‘Country Life’ from the passenger seat of the car. I have been giving a few of my older digital cameras a run this week, today being the Fujifilm Finepix J15fd. A very basic 3x point and shooter, I recall purchasing it as […]

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