Concert Box Ukulele

A recent creation influenced by Sam Kamaka Jr’s 1940’s cigar box ukulele.

Built from merbau side/neck/fretboard/bridge and pine braced marine laminate front and back, this is a concert scale length uke. Fretboard has a 9.25” radius, something I don’t usually add to my ukuleles.

Finishing in linseed oil and beeswax gave the uke a nice dark aged look.

It’s reasonably thin bodied, but rings out nice as the strings settle in.

It’s been a while since I posted a project here. An alternative (if here for projects not photos) is to check out my YouTube channel as I have a bunch of historic and up coming project builds there also:

Project Supra

Project SupraSeveral vehicles (projects) before yesterdays Project Mini, was project Supra. I remember this car sitting across the road from my then flat for about 6 months. At some stage it got a for sale sign on it. Upon enquiring with the owner, it had two blown turbos. A negotiation later and I was the owner. Driving it back from my flat to where I worked on it was an adventure. I topped up the oil to save the engine, but this in turn helped the turbos become the most powerful smoke machine in existence!…

Starting as a slightly rough grey unit, I sanded it back and painted green (not the best paint job I have done as my compressor had some issues), swapped out the auto box for a 5 speed, added the Mk5(?) Supra wheels and no doubt made a few more modifications here and there. In the end it was a fun vehicle (albeit heavy on fuel). I used to see it driving around, but have not for years now. I guess its either down the line, or has disappeared from the road!?

Editing wise, as with yesterday I desaturated the background in Gimp. I must have lost and recovered these images from somewhere as I cant see what they were taken on, and all are low res. Still, good enough for records of memory!


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