New Day New Island – Koh Phi Phi

Leaving Krabi, we hopped on a ferry destined for the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. Hot as usual, I struggled sitting on the reflective white deck for 40min’s before we took off, but once we started moving, the cool breeze was great! The ride was somewhere around 2 hours, with cheap Singer’s being sold in the […]

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Waiting for the Tide

I headed out with an Olympus E-500, older model Four Thirds DSLR today with a lens of a 35mm equivalent of 140-600mm. Its been a while since I played with such a long focal length, and coupled with not being used to the E-500 had a mixed bag of success. I thought I had captured […]

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35mm Hong Kong

I recently purchased a film scanner with the intention of using it to copy new films as I develop them. As a side bonus, I found a box of old negatives from my 100% film days. Todays image is one of those, taken on my trip to Hong Kong about ~8 years ago. From memory […]

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Boat in the Bay

I woke up early this morning. After the noisy people at the bar below our venue last night, the cleaners proved to be just as loud come sunrise. As we were checking out mid morning I wanted to explore a bit more of Gulf Harbour anyway. I wandered my way through the side streets as […]

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