New Day New Island – Koh Phi Phi

New Island 1

Leaving Krabi, we hopped on a ferry destined for the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. Hot as usual, I struggled sitting on the reflective white deck for 40min’s before we took off, but once we started moving, the cool breeze was great!

New Island 2

New island 3

New Island 4

The ride was somewhere around 2 hours, with cheap Singer’s being sold in the hot sun along the journey. Arriving at Phi Phi we were greeted with the 20 baht per person, keep the island clean fee (i’ll comment another day), and as soon as we got there, a long boat was called to escort us to our resort (We were now at the flash stage of the holiday).

New Island 5

New Island 6

New Island 7

New Island 8


Do the shopping cart???



Waiting for the Tide

I headed out with an Olympus E-500, older model Four Thirds DSLR today with a lens of a 35mm equivalent of 140-600mm. Its been a while since I played with such a long focal length, and coupled with not being used to the E-500 had a mixed bag of success. I thought I had captured some great bird images, but upon getting home and looking at full screen, it look like I needed to up the iso to get the frozen images I was looking for. Never mind. I will borrow it again some time.

Mixed success aside, and being several years discontinued now, I did enjoy the operation of the Olympus. I have owned in the past a few of their compact range for pocket shooters, but never one of their DSLR or Micro Four Third units. I think if I had not made some lens investment in my Nex, I would have looked at the likes of a EP-3 or E-M5. The sensor size is great for getting a big zoom.

Today’s image ‘waiting for the tide’, after some cropping, was one of the ones I liked from today’s Olympus experiment.  As well as cropping I also pushed the contrast a few notches and applied a bit of sharpening.

Back to a camera I am more familiar with tomorrow!

35mm Hong Kong

I recently purchased a film scanner with the intention of using it to copy new films as I develop them. As a side bonus, I found a box of old negatives from my 100% film days. Todays image is one of those, taken on my trip to Hong Kong about ~8 years ago. From memory I was using a Minolta Dynax 700si – a really nice piece of 35mm kit I regret selling. Im not sure if it is still the case, but when I visited, Hong Kong still had a small percentage of the boat people community just to one side of the harbor. I remember going on a small boat tour around their community and watching people working on engines, preparing food etc – all the things you might see on a side street on land.

Aside from scanning and resizing for the net this negative scan is untouched. I love the look of old film.

Boat in the Bay

I woke up early this morning. After the noisy people at the bar below our venue last night, the cleaners proved to be just as loud come sunrise. As we were checking out mid morning I wanted to explore a bit more of Gulf Harbour anyway. I wandered my way through the side streets as the sun slowly arose, admiring some amazingly big houses. Being Gulf Harbour is full of boats and launches of all types, it was not overly surprising there was $$ in this area.

Eventually I ended up on a cliff top looking out to the sea. A beautifully calm day. Here I caught todays shot of a sailboat drifting just off the bay. Aside from the birds (and the cleaner back at the motel) it was dead silent. A great peaceful walk with an amazing view.

Taken on the Ricoh in bleach mode, post cropped in Gimp 2.8.

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