Onehunga to Newmarket Stroll

O2C9Dropping a car off for work we sold today, I took a 2 hour ‘stroll’ to get my ride home. Aside from some rain, it was great taking ones time through a industrial – suburban – park area I don’t visit so often. Really quite different to my local area. 

O2C1 O2C2 O2C3 O2C4 O2C5 O2C6 O2C7 O2C8 O2C10 O2C11 O2C12


Hot Sun, Beach Weather

MB1A beautiful hot and sunny day in Auckland, We dropped all chores and headed off to the beach (truth be told, we finished all chores…). The last few times I have been to the beach recently the tide has been low. We choose beaches where that does not matter too much, but I always enjoy full tide more – today was pretty close to it!. Also, the beach was blessed with west coast like surf waves (not that todays images show) on their own holiday on our east coast. A bit of body surfing and wave jumping is always fun.

Drying off I grabbed the Ricoh GRD IV and walked to one end of the beach and back. As shown in images below. That guy setting up his tent must have absolutely cooked inside once done! – wont get sun burnt at least!



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