Long Drive In

LDI1Life has been busy.

Photography has been sitting on the back burner as jobs need to be done both at home, and intensity at work increases.

Aside from a long day at work, it was a refreshing brake to head down to the Waikato again yesterday. Heading out at 6am, beating the sun to clock in, it was another typical fresh and beautiful sunrise that the Waikato region so often offers.

LDI2Traffic at this time of the morning is typically light. One is not alone on the roads, but still granted enough sightseeing room to enjoy rather than regret the journey.


I snap away as I coast along. Arm outstretched to windows either side of the car. If only I had time to stop at every picturesque rolling hill and vast green field.

Maybe next time…

I’ll try not to be so long before posting again this time!



Kitekite Falls

KitaKita Falls

My last posting from the Piha area, for now. Krishna asked yesterday if I had any shots of the Kitekite Falls. With the beautiful green and dense growth on the surrounding track to the falls, it was hard to get a clear view. I did find a slight clearing however and took today’s shot. Aside from this walk I had taken my filter set with me all morning – it would have been ideal here also to assist with the blown out grey sky.

As can be seen in the image, the falls in full are made up of a number of units. The final being about 40m, the other 40m is built from several smaller falls, gathering into pools.

In post processing I adjusted the levels a little and lightly tinted the blown out sky. There was nothing there to rescue, so its all I could do with limited time.

I think the final image really highlights well the lush green environment of New Zealand bush.  A great place to visit when in the area!

Remarkable Southern Alps

Southern Alps

An archive shot for today. Taken a number of years ago, on my first trip to the South Island of New Zealand, a view of The Remarkables.

Shot on my simple Fujifilm J15 point and shoot camera, I played around with the image a little in Gimp tonight. There was a fairly large contrast between the foreground and Alps in the distance. Whilst this assisted in showing the grandeur of the mountain range, I wanted to get some more detail, so selected the background and adjusted the levels a little. then added a touch more contrast, Sometimes great landscapes look better in B&W in my opinion (not all the time mind you), so I converted to Black and White also.

Looking at the image reminds me of when I first looked up in awe at the mountains. I had been to a number of large volcanic mountains over the years, but until then never in front of a giant range. It really is an amazing site to see and one you cant miss if you visit New Zealand’s beautiful South Island.

Punakaiki and the Rocks

Looking back over my last handful of images I decided today needed a bit more colour and brightness to it! As I had worked extra yesterday, I was hoping to get off early today, but unfortunately that was not to be…so I dived into my archives.

Punakaiki, otherwise know as the place with the Pancake Rocks, is part of the Paparoa National Park in the South Island of New Zealand. I visited them late last year (along with a huge group of other tourists to the area). The amazing pancake like ‘piles’ stretch out from the ocean and stand out as a bit of an oddity compared to everything else around them. As the tide comes up there is a number of blow-holes. I encourage anyone travelling the South Island to put it in one of your (many) must stop locations!

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