Looking to the West

View to the West

For the last few days I have been shooting with my Ricoh GRD IV set to a custom setting ‘positive film’. I have written before about the great menu system on this little fixed focal length compact, with full manual controls.Positive film is a setting I have not, until this last week, used. I must say I like the colour settings it provides. Of course, one can just shoot straight raw/jpeg and adjust in post processing, but sometimes its fun just to customise it in the camera (as the Ricoh does very well) and shoot. Hence aside from resizing and signature, today’s image is from camera.

With an overall busy weekend, I got up early and took the opportunity to take a walk around the Bayswater area on the North Shore. Stopping at a cliff top, looking out west, we can see the Bayswater Marina, and then further in the distance, to the right, the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

As the sun slowly sinks towards the horizon, we see the end of another weekend. Im not quite sure where the weekend has gone!

Sundown Wednesday

Shot on my Sony Nex with the Sigma 30mm lens, Sundown Wednesday is a view from the Bayswater Marina to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

I am coming to the slow acceptance that Christmas is just around the corner now. One of my work colleagues has put their tree up, some of the local Christmas Tree sales spots are advertising, and the Malls have their Christmas shops opening. This weekend we have the Santa Parade in our local village (as do a number of others). That also means its nearly holiday time!

Image wise, in Gimp I resized and added the black framing, nothing else was edited.

Bike Vignette Diana Style


My main pc and editing software compter is connected up to our tv, and with a guest staying with us this week I have decided to concentrate on mobile phone photography – leaving the tv free for others!

I also recently finished a quick strip down, repaint and parts swap on my bike (just in time for my car to blow its radiator side tank…). Taking it for a bit of a test ride I headed down to Bayswater, cycling around the marina, and took todays shot.

Although unedited, I used the vignette app set to diana style.

I think what I will do some time this week is try out a few android photo editing apps and report how they go. For those who follow me, you will know I’m a dedicated Gimp user for post processing. Since its not on android at this stage I will have to see what works on a mobile level for me!

Sundown at the Marina

Today was mostly made up of being ill in bed and torrential rain that flooded the region. However, at the end of the day the rain subsided and I felt the need to get out for some fresh air (cold air really). Armed with the Nex 5N and Industar 61 lens I took a walk around the Bayswater Marina. The Clouds were particularly dramatic this evening with the sun setting and shining out about them. I wanted to catch their natural colors (from the Russian lens’ perspective) and set the exposure to the clouds, allowing the foreground to silhouette. A gull decided to head off towards the sun also, so I captured it in the center of the frame. A beautiful end to a not so beautiful day.

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