Black and White Garbage

Garbage B&WAs posted yesterday, Wednesday night I attended the Garbage concert at the Auckland Civic. Being concerts can be iffy about cameras, especially ones with Lenses that look big, I took along a Ricoh CX6. A great little camera with 10.7x zoom, as with all small point and shoots, it struggled a little with focus at times, and certainly had some noise at the higher ISO’s. Turns out other people (non officials) had walked in with their DSLR’s, so I could have taken something more substantial, but never mind – a great little camera with a big zoom that fits in the pocket, and has many of the custom aspects my usual GRD IV has.

Capturing Shirley, Duke, Steve and Butch, I cropped in a little on todays image. To deal with noise, I decided B&W was the way to go, and also pushed the contrast and slightly adjusted sharpness. All done in CS5.

Today marks a bit of a changeover in post image shooting for me. We purchased a new Mac, and my Linux machine, although still in use, is slowly getting things transferred over from. I like to use all OS’s, so will continue to do so, but mostly for now on OSX. Likely I will continue on with Gimp, but I also have more opportunity to keep in practice with Photoshop and the like also – something I have mentioned before, I am well out of practice with. As we are still battling with ISP issues, I have not yet managed to get Gimp on the Mac, but will attempt again over the next few days.



Bat For Lashes


A quick post for today as I return from the Laneway music festival. Bat  For Lashes put on a great show, concluding my day in the sun.

Shot on the galaxy s2 and edited in afterfocus.

EXIT 420

Exit 420

As part of a Christmas function I took some part in organising for work we had a local live band, EXIT 420. What they lack in years, they make up for in talent. Playing a broad spectrum of rock, and the odd Christmas number, they had a decent group of the audience up dancing and stepping to the beat. Perhaps I am starting to show my age, but these guys were young – I don’t recall talent to that degree when I was their age (I was playing orchestral type music…)

Shot on the Sony Nex 5N at 3200 ASA and 1/60th of a second (no flash) I am still very pleased with the low light capability of the Sony. Looking at some of the more recent releases in digital cameras, we are simply seeing better and better low light capability- a great bonus for all, but especially hand-held no flash shooters!

In Gimp I darkened the right of the shot, off and behind the stage and added a vignette. I then popped the contrast up a few points and resized.

If you are ever in the Auckland area, check out their facebook page linked above and see if you catch them live somewhere!

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