Down there is Queen Street

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New Zealand being a country of the Commonwealth, Aucklands main road in the CBD is Queen Street. During the week, a hustling and bustling street, lined with various retail, food and entertainment shops. Its also the main street for any wider Auckland parades, graduation walks, and protest walks. An early development in Aucklands […]

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Looking to the South

Shot approximately SSE, todays view has us looking down upon the Auckland Museum, and Mount Wellington in the background (as well as two aeroplanes if you can spot them). As a child, from the North Shore, the museum was in clear view. A monster of a building, whilst still visible, is dwarfed by the cityscape. […]

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Aucklands Spaghetti Junction

All big cities seem to have their own Spaghetti Junction. A confusing series of motorway on/off ramps, twisted and turned like a bowl of spaghetti. Auckland is no different. Shot again from the Sky Tower, looking down upon the city, I focused towards part of our spag bowl. Technically titled the ‘Central Motorway Junction’, Im […]

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City South

Following on from yesterdays image, over the next week I have a few shots to share from a trip up the Sky Tower. Featured in a number of photos I have shown, and being about 15 years since I last went up, I thought it was about time to venture up and capture some of […]

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Autumn Between the Shadows

A shot from above. Looking down I snapped the autumn tree, its colours beaming out from both the shadows and grey city surrounding. Shot on the Nex 5N with the 55-210mm lens. In Gimp I desaturated the blue tones, giving the city buildings the mono tone. More shots from above tomorrow.

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Auckland City from Afar

Heading out to pick up some bits and pieces we passed through Greenhithe in Auckland norther region. Taking a quick stroll around one of the local parks, I captured a shot of our cities CBD from a distance. Shot on the Sony Nex, once home I opened up in Gimp and cropped the aspect ratio […]

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Hut in the Woods

More a hut in the park rather than hut in the woods, but an interesting discovery none the less whilst having a short walk after work. Armed with the Olympus E-500, my battery was almost flat, so I rushed to get some shots off before it died. Shooting at dusk under trees at iso100 I […]

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Urban Stormwater

  A quick wander around yet another new suburban area in Albany on Aucklands North Shore brought me to an urban stormwater treatment pond. Stormwater, around the world, in ever increasing concrete jungles is a huge polluter to rivers, streams and beaches. Travelling around different areas of Auckland (and I am sure elsewhere), we have […]

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On Rolls Autumn

  Its been a busy few weeks with moving out of the flat and into our first home. Sadly, its been pretty hard to find much time recently to really get out there and take some images. We have moved into an area surrounded by great bush walks, so all going well…sooner rather than later… […]

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Urban Growth

As with all big cities (or small cities), growth is something we see in a continual state of movement. Largely cities offer what people want and/or need – jobs, income, shops, society, action… (I’m sure the list will depend on each as an individual). Auckland currently, for its population, one of the most sprawled out cities in […]

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