Art in the Dark

Last weekend within Auckland’s CDB I took a stroll through the ‘Art in the Dark’ light festival. Internets been down for a week, but now its back, time to share a few images.  

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The Rooster of Old Albany

Up to old Albany Village for dinner this evening I caught this snap of one of the local art works. Now down the road from the Albany Mega Mall, the old village used to be locally famous for having a mass of roosters living and walking the zone. Sadly now days none can be found. […]

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Get Down from There

Get Down From There was an interesting steel (I think) creation that brought back memories of Where the Wild Things Are book. If you zoomed out from my photo you would see that the masked monster is actually a small child perched up upon a letterbox. Shot in colour on the Nex, I desaturated and […]

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Another of my series of artworks from the event I attended on Sunday. I didn’t capture this artists details, but I loved the work. Not much else to say about it, but its the best (miniature) tree house I have seen! In post processing I cropped the image for a long thin aspect, desaturated much […]

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Black, White and Red all Over

As stated yesterday, I will post up a series of images taken from the art show I attended in Devonport on Sunday. Today’s image, ‘Black, White and Red all Over’ (The artists actual title, not mine- Turtle Donna Sarten) was a beautiful, yet sobering piece that brings about awareness of child abuse and death in […]

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Clothesline Sculpture

Today we attended the NZ Sculpture Onshore art even running over two weeks at Fort Takapuna in Devonport. A very windy day, when the rain and wind were not present, it was beautiful weather. Some really cool art works by various artists, I will display some more over the next week. What I failed to […]

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Burried City

I’m fascinated by archaeology. All around the world you hear of digs where ancient ruins, cities and tombs lay. Whether it be forgotten, reclaimed by nature, or purposefully encased and locked away. If I hadn’t studied anthropology and sociology, I think I would have studies archaeology. Today’s image is actually just a piece of art […]

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Spring in the Garden

A mobile press on the run today as I am out and about on birthday surprises. Before leaving home I noticed a few of the tulip bulbs I planted in winter have finally come up, and more are following. I went to the Auckland Art Gallery this afternoon and took some shots on the nex […]

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