Horse on the Hill


As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to concentrate on mobile phone photography (and the wordpress mobile app)over the next week, and experiment with photo editing apps out there for android.
Last night I installed Afterfocus. Reading the writeup and comments on the android store, some say it brings dslr quality to your mobile phone. Whilst that was a big statement, it does have a number off good reviews, so i gave it a go.
For those of us who use both, you will know the biggest limiter (well one) on small sensor cameras is their wide depth of field (this can also be a positive). Afterfocus allows one to digitially remaster the depth of field afterwards, giving that wide open feel of a dslr. I must say, I like it. As far as using a mobile only for a camera goes, it really opens up post processing creative options.
Horse on the Hill was shot in my last visit to new plymouth. Using Afterfocus I ‘opened up’ the aperature, adjusted to black and white and added another colour filter. Im only viewing it on my galaxy s2, but for a quick edit I am quite happy with the result. I will likely try another edit using it again tomorrow.

Please excuse any typos or non caps. Im in a bit of a rush and am not the fastest mobile keypad user!

Sheep 2

Even though the days are slowly getting longer, of late it seem like I have less and less time free to go out and shoot some photos…I’ll have to do something about that, but for now, here is an image I took several weeks back on the Sony Nex 5N at Cornwall Park.

Post processing wise, I played with the levels a little and added a slight colour tone to the image.

Sheep are funny animals. The have the ability to be a bit intimidating the way they stare at you breathing heavily. In reality I expect most the time they would think the opposite, breathing heavily, panicking what that human is going to do next. For anyone looking for a ‘sheep movie’ try the New Zealand filmed Black Sheep.

Fingers crossed I can get some images tomorrow!

Portrait of a Sheep

I managed to get out and about to several places with my camera today. First exploring some closed off cliff tracks, and then off to Cornwall Park for a around the base walk. Cornwall is full of cows and sheep (mostly sheep) and today’s image was of one sheep who came up to me to see what I was doing.

Shot on my Sony Nex with my recently received Sigma 2.8 30 Lens (50mm equivalent), I am more than happy with the quality this lens produces, especially when you consider it is about the cheapest lens built for the Nex at this point in time (not counting the plastic holga’s and lenses with adaptors). The focal length is great and the overall size, although bigger then the 16mm prime, is still nice and compact.

I also captured some interesting shots of a graffiti covered area on my closed off (fenced off to the public) walk, but will save them for a less active day.

Baaa for now.

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