Albany Bush Walk Sunday

Uni bushwalk 1Around my old University campus there has always been a large bush area. To be fair, the whole area was bush and crops when the university first was built. Now on the edge of a large shopping area, the university has continued to grow since my days there, yet the bush remains. Strangely, I have never (until today) been through it on a walk. Un signposted, Im not entirely sure its an official walk – but I came across several walkers and mountain bikers on the lower trails – although not a sign of life on the upper, overgrown drainage type trails.

Completing what looks like on google maps to be about half of the area, I ended up strolling through my old campus (Massey University). Its been a few years since I completed my Masters there now, and although the image below is about as it looked when I attended, the back side has grown about double in size.

Holidays over and back to work tomorrow. For anyone familiar with Garfield, Monday’s are something him and I have in common – especially after a holiday break!

uni bushwalk 3 uni bushwalk 4 uni bushwalk 5 uni bushwalk 6 uni bushwalk2

The Still River

The Still RiverWhilst up in Albany to pick up some old chairs I managed to squeeze in a quick walk around some of the local bush area. A warm, still day, I took todays snap looking back down the river(/creek)  when I came from. The water so still we had a reflection.

Shot on the Sony Nex and Sigma 30mm, giving me a ~50mm equivalent, I converted to B&W in Gimp and a slight brown colour tone.


An Audience at Albany


The internet has gone down at home today, so I will take the opportunity for another mobile post.

Whilst up in the old Albany village, we stopped in on the local ducks with a loaf of bread. Something I learnt new was that common ducks can swim quite well fully underwater. I have only seen them bobbing, bums up, until today.

Todays image is shot with the vignette app on my galaxy s2

The Rooster of Old Albany


Up to old Albany Village for dinner this evening I caught this snap of one of the local art works.

Now down the road from the Albany Mega Mall, the old village used to be locally famous for having a mass of roosters living and walking the zone. Sadly now days none can be found. You will find ducks and a cat colony… The roosters were culled and relocated around a decade ago.

My other memory of the village, back when it was rural and the tip of the North Shore was picking for pears in the local park. Open to the public, I assume it was once an orchard.

We walked this area after dinner and I was happy to find many of the pear trees were still there and in fruit…desert!

Image wise, shot on the galaxy, edited in afterfocus.

Road to the City

road to the city

With great weather outside, I managed to go for a bit of a ride on the motorbike for an hour after work before heading to the mall to begin Christmas shopping. Up in the Albany area of the North Shore, I dismounted and went for a bit of a walk around some land that is currently green pasture, but just as likely to be shops or industrial in the next decade.

At the edge of the field ran a waist height barbed wire fence – stopping whoever/whatever from passing through and onto the motorway. There is no stock in the area, and even a short person could get over it, so its function is a little questionable. It did serve as part of todays image ‘road to the city’!

Using Gimp I processed a cross-processing filter after applying a lomo effect. I then added ‘film grain’ and resized for the net.

oh, and the Christmas shopping – the shops were already busy and full. Thankfully I got the majority of presents today as its only going to get worse next week!

Black and White Fern

I captured ‘Black and White Fern’ when visiting Kell Park in Albany on Tuesday. Getting up close with the Sony Nex 16mm, at a wide open aperture, I love how the fern leaves fall into the background.

For those who didn’t know, the (silver) fern is one of New Zealand’s symbols for multiple sporting teams like the All Blacks (Rugby), The Silver Ferns (netball), The Football Ferns (women’s football) etc. etc. It has also been worn by Kiwis at war in various locations.

In post production, using Gimp, I simply converted to B&W and resized.

Today will be my first day of my holiday, so all going well, I am landing in Fiji as my post comes live.

Passage of Pine

I managed to take a short stroll in between out of office meetings today. In a newly built suburb in Albany on the North Shore of Auckland, I happened across a small hill that lead to a rugby/football field. Separating that and the houses was a ‘Passageway of Pine trees’ As usual during the week, armed with my Ricoh, I got right down low and took a few shots through the passage. Avoiding any houses and a wind break material on one side, I love how the final image gives off little clue I am in the middle of suburbia.

In Gimp post production, I cropped slightly, upped the saturation go highlight the green and get a little blue in the sky. Upped the contrast a notch and applied a light sharpening layer. Done!

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