Welcoming Home the TuaMan

One from the scanned archives today. Back at the turn of the millennium, they year 2000, New Zealand’s David Tua had worked his way up to being the number one contender for the world heavyweight boxing title. With a 37-1 record, many being by first round knockout, it was hopeful that he would take on […]

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Film Week – Little Guardian

There are a number of elements that keep pulling me back to shooting film on occasion. People once argued between film and digital – which was better, more cost effective, had better dynamic range etc. etc. I think we have reached a point where both fall under the umbrella of Photography, but are very different […]

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Film Week – Winter Side

Giving my friend his fully manual SLR, I though it only fair that I use one of my completely manual ones. I have got a bit of a selection of SLR’s at home at the moment, and although pondering minimising this a little, I do like both some of the fully manual ones, and some […]

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